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For the purposes of this report, the geographic coordinates of Battle Creek are within 2 miles of each other and within the boundaries of the State of Michigan. The topography of 2 miles in and around Battle Creek shows only slight differences in elevation.

The sky is cloudy and will be covered with highs of about 60 degrees and lows of about 40 degrees in the mid to mid 20s. The sky will be covered from west to east by a cloud cover that will spread over the eastern half of the state.

The clearest part of the year in Battle Creek starts on May 20 and lasts 5-4 months, until November 3. Based on these values, the best time of year to visit Battle Creek in terms of weather conditions is from the end of June to mid-August.

Due to the daily growing temperatures alone, the first spring blooms will appear in Battle Creek in spring 2015, on March 14, 2016 and again on April 1, 2017. Daylight saving time (Daylight saving time) is observed from spring (14 March) and lasts 7-8 months and ends in autumn (7 November).

To describe how pleasant the weather is in Battle Creek all year round, two travel values are calculated. According to the tourist information, the best time of year to visit Battle Creek in the spring and summer months is mid-June to early September. Based on these values, there is a 50% chance of visiting Battle Creek in late spring, early summer and early autumn. The best times of day to visit Battle Creeks in the summer and autumn months are from mid-June to early September, based on this tourist ranking.

In Battle Creek, the summer is warm, the winter is icy and windy, and the weather is partly cloudy all year round, but we experience significant seasonal variations throughout the year. Given this comparison, there is a 50% chance of visiting Battle Creeks in late spring, early summer and early fall. Summer is the warmest in Battle Creek and winter the coldest, with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30s.

Every day, different types of precipitation are observed, with no trace amounts, and rain and snow fall on the same day. For precipitation, we consider snowfalls that accumulate over a period of 31 days and concentrate on one day of the year. The precipitation value, based on a three-hour precipitation rate around the hour in question, is 10% precipitation and falls linear.

At the upper end of the range, there tends to be colder, drier snow, but rain is likely if the humidity forecast is above 95% and cloud forecasts are opaque. The best time to cover the telescope is in the early morning hours, before sunrise and after sunset, and in the evening.

More About Battle Creek

More About Battle Creek