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Summer comes and goes, and there are plenty of fun fall activities in Battle Creek, Michigan this summer and fall. It is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, and on Sunday and Monday from 12 pm to 4.30 pm.

The park is located in a beautiful area of Battle Creek, which has several playgrounds and is a popular weekend activity spot, with baseball games scheduled during the summer months. The largest is the Mackinac Bridge ferry, which brings visitors to the island, and the white rocking chairs, which are as comfortable as they are large. In addition to this picturesque bridge, there are a number of other attractions, including the Michigan State Museum, the Grand Rapids Museum of Natural History and much more. The Michigan-based event is held every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Great Lakes State Park.

The Casual Room offers its guests a fully equipped kitchen with a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as a magnificent view of the lake.

The Casual Room at Battle Creek Lake Resort, a favorite destination for family and friends from across Michigan and the country.

Offering an outdoor pool and complimentary breakfast, this budget hotel is just a short drive from Battle Creek Lake Resort. Classic budget hotel with beautiful lake views, good food and service, and free parking.

Offering free breakfast and a pool, this casual hotel is just a short drive from Battle Creek Lake Resort, great food and service, and free parking.

You can spend the day lounging or boating on Stony Creek Lake or take a day trip to the Great Lakes State Park in Battle Creek, MI. This park covers 310 hectares and includes a 1.50 metre beach, a picnic area and an outdoor amphitheatre where you can take a break after a long day of hiking or cycling. You can also cycle along the park's trails and spend an afternoon fishing the Battle Creek River. To do all these fun fall activities in Battle Creek MI, make sure you have a reliable vehicle.

Metro Toyota is a Toyota dealer in Battle Creek in neighboring Kalamazoo, where you can plan a test drive or find a new car, truck or SUV. This is perfect for you in Ionia, where the State of Michigan operates the Ionia Recreation Area (

Children interested in spectator sports can head to Battle Creek Basketball League, a summer league that features some of the nation's best college players. The Ionia recreation area ( has a basketball court and a football field in the parking lot.

The diverse exhibits cover a wide range of animals from the Michigan region, from animals to artifacts to the history of the Battle Creek area and its people. If you want to enjoy something from nature to art, music to food, the museum ( has something to enjoy.

The various exhibits are intended to inform visitors about the history of the battlefield and its people, as well as its history as a place of worship.

The historic Adventist Village is a great place to learn about the history of the Christian faith in Battle Creek. Attractions for Battle Creek visitors include the Kingman Museum (, which houses a sabre-toothed tiger, tiger house and dinosaur exhibit. The beautiful Royal Museum is the Natural History Museum and Planetarium on the grounds of the Leila Arboretum in Schlachtbach. The garden, which was created in 2001, is named after Miss Iva, a Battle Creek resident who was passionate about nature and wildflowers.

Kellogg's lived in Battle Creek, then known as the Battle Creek Toasted Cornflake Company, for more than 50 years.

Later, the Battle Creek religious headquarters moved to Takoma Park, Maryland, where it remained until 1989, and then to Fort Custer State Park in 1989. The park is located on the banks of the Kalamazoo River and is known for its scenic views of Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes. Look at the five restored bridges that are preserved here, as well as the old bridge over Lake Orlické. There is now a small part of Fort Dixie State Park and a large part of it, along with several other trails, around EagleLake.

If you are planning a visit to Battle Creek, Michigan, I hope you will visit some of our favorite places. If you have school-age children and are interested in learning more about Michigan's history, we strongly recommend that you visit Battle Creek again. This is a great place to take a day trip to the Great Lakes, Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan.

Check out our list of activities for the Fourth of July weekend 2015 in Battle Creek, Michigan, and grab your tickets and enjoy a day trip to the Great Lakes, Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan.

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More About Battle Creek